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Welcome to the official home page for the Motherlode Band, Asbury Park, NJ. Here you can watch our videos and download our music-thanks for your support!
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Download our singles “Ritual” and “Motherlode” at i Tunes and Amazon!
Motherlode (What Child Is This?) - Single - The Motherlode Band

Maybe you can remember riding the “party train” up to Madison Square Garden to see a big, heavy rock spectacle. Or maybe you wish you were around back then.

The Motherlode Band (TMB) doesn’t apologize for rocking hard or flirting with the dark side a bit in our words. music or image. Care to join us? Then let the ritual begin…

Find out what we’re up to as far as live shows, videos and downloads here.

Comprised of Freddie Richards on guitar, James Malone on vocals,  bassist Brian Patrick and drummer Andreas Rebmann, TMB can best be described as a metal band with a leaning towards the heavier aspects of the blues. Primarily an original act, they do a few select cover tunes as well.

We”ll keep you posted as to future developments and by all means download some of our stuff-your support makes it happen!
Other Videos!

Live recording of Ritual accompanied by a spooky slideshow!

Live version of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Fortunate Son” recorded at the Stone Pony.

Jim doing an unplugged version of “Fallen.”

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